hot sale disposable salad paper bowl

These dispsoable paper bowls are ecofriendly products with biodegradable PLA laminated material. They are high quality and hot selling . custom design available.
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    white/natural color or customized
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    50000 pcs
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    15-20 days (according to the quantity)
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hot sale disposable salad paper bowl

product description:

These disposable food grade paper salad bowls are made from sugarcane bagasse paper, an annually sustainable and renewableresource that can be decomposted in the compostable conditions, and lined with PLA that is also a biodegradable material made from corn. These paper bowls are 100% compostable in 2-4 months in a commercial composting facility.Perfect for serving warm food,such as soup, light food, salad ,popcorn and available in a variety of sizes ,including 4oz 8oz 12oz 16oz 22oz ect.

product details:

item name

2020 hot sale paper salad bowl


White/natural color or customized


sugarcane bagasse paper with PLA coated


single layer with various patterns


Disposable,waterproof, greaseproof ,Recyclable,Non odor, nontoxic,, suitable for microwave oven, freezer safe


salad,light healthy food,soup and so on


free stock samples offered


4oz 5oz 6oz 7oz 8oz 10oz 12oz 16oz 20oz 22oz



quantity control

advanced equipment and experienced QC team will check material, semi-finished and finished products strictly in every step before shipping.

Custom design paper salad bowl

what is sugarcane fiber?

sugarcane fiber is also called sugarcane bagasse or just bagasse. it is the fibrous part of a sugarcane stalk that is left over after extracting the juice. often this part of the sugarcane is discarded,incinerated or used as a fuel source for sugar mills. transforming sugarcane stalks into products is giving them a new life as raw materials. Because it uses a non-edible by product of a food production, this material is considered an extremely renewable and compostable resource. a variety of different products can be produced from bagasse, including paper products,paper packaging products and even cups , bowls and lids.


what is the main advantage of our products

1) high grade & biodegradable products customized available

2) free desgin, free sample

3) automatic production & fast delivery

4) 100% responsible for the quality

5) Healthy, Nontoxic, harmless and sanitary ,can be recycled and protect the resource

6) small order welcomed, the MOQ is 50000 pieces

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